What is Sundar Rajan Pichai salary? CEO google

Sundar Rajan Pichai
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 Sundar Rajan Pichai, Google’s chief executive. CEO

What is Sundar Rajan Pichai salary? CEO google

Google’s chief executive “Sundar Rajan Pichai” is from India. His annual salary is more than 2 billion Pakistani rupees. They are currently the highest paid employees in the world. Let’s give some information about them to friends. How a person reading from a mat in a two-room house became the CEO of Google.

Sundar Rajan Pichai Sundar Rajan Pichai Sundar Rajan Pichai Sundar Rajan Pichai Sundar Rajan Pichai Sundar Rajan Pichai Sundar Rajan Pichai Sundar Rajan Pichai Sundar Rajan Pichai Sundar Rajan Pichai What is Google CEO salary? What is Google CEO salary? What is Google CEO salary? What is Google CEO salary? Sundar Rajan Pichai Sundar Rajan Pichai What is Google CEO salary?

CEO of Google.

Sundar Rajan Pichai was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu on July 12, 1972. He opened his eyes to poverty. His father Raghunath Pichai was an electrical engineer but his family income was very limited. The house was a two-room flat. When he got tired of reading, he would lean on his head and sleep on the floor. He would go to the market with his mother, fetch water from the street tap, take off his clothes and run away the children playing cricket in the street. It was his duty to protect the house chickens and their eggs from the eyes of the enemy, and what was the cheapest thing in the city? This was his duty, and so was the duty of both father and mother.

Sundar Rajan Pichai.

He was twelve years old when the telephone rang in his house. This phone increased his work. He became the messenger of this whole block of flats. People called his house. He used to leave messages for other flats in K block and he used to get up and run to deliver this message. He lost the blessing of television and car till his youth. His father could not buy a car all his life. But today he is not only the CEO of Google, the world’s largest organization, but he is also the highest paid employee in the world. His annual salary is set at کروڑ 200 million.


As a child, he yearned for other shoes, a third shirt and a fourth pan all year long. That childhood was not a childhood. It was a dark tale of deprivation. Sundar Rajan Pichai. still remembers when Stanford University sent him an air ticket. His father was shocked to see the ticket. The ticket was more expensive than his father’s annual income. He still remembers asking for textbooks and completing his assignments on waste paper. He used to travel by hanging with buses and he used to get sweets only on religious festivals.


Sundar Rajan Pichai. passed Class XII from Chennai. He then went to the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He studied tuition there and obtained a degree in Metallurgical Engineering.


Sundar Rajan Pichai. earned this degree in a top position, so he was awarded a scholarship by Stanford, the largest technology university in the world. He went to the United States. He did an MS in Metallurgical Engineering from Stanford University.


He wanted to do a big job in engineering. When he got a job at Google in 2004, he applied. Google gave him a job in the project management department. This job was a blessing for him. Sundar Rajan Pichai was part of this unit. Launched the Google Chrome project, which was completed in 2008 and became popular in both Google and the United States.

Sundar Rajan Pichai Google Toolbar

His brain was fertile so he kept coming up with new projects for Google, be it Google’s web browser, Android or Google Toolbar, desktop search and Google Gears. All these projects were completed by Sundar Rajan Pichai. Google is currently the richest company in the world, valued at 55 554 billion, with an annual revenue of 74 74 billion. Pakistan’s total foreign debt is 70 70 billion. The company, which was started in 1996 by two Stanford University students, Larry Page and Sergey Byrne, were both PhD students at the time. Google became the world’s most trusted search engine by the year 2000. The company continues to search for new talent from around the world.

Sundar Rajan Pichai also discovered it. Born in Tamil Nadu in 1972, he went to Stanford University in 1993, did his MS in 1995-96 and did his MBA in 2002. He wanted to do something and Google gave him the opportunity to do a lot of this. He quickly made his mark in the company through his interesting ideas. It grew rapidly. On August 10, 2015, Google CEO and Larry Page became vice president, the company gave him shares, and he currently owns کروڑ 605 million worth of shares.

Google gave Pichai a salary

Google gave Sundar Rajan Pichai. a salary check of کروڑ 199 million in the second week of February 2016. Sundar Rajan Pichai. became the highest paid “CEO” in the world upon receiving this check. If we convert him into Pakistani rupees It will be Rs 200 crore as if a 43-year-old poor man from Tamil Nadu is earning Rs 200 crore a year and so is the poor man who studied by sitting on the floor and sitting on the floor till the age of 18 and He lost his telephone and television and car until he was 12 years old when he came to America. He spent his whole childhood thirsting for other shoes, a third shirt and a fourth pan. And who still speaks English in Hindi dialect and is known from afar because of his wheat color.

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