Happy Girls how to be happy

Naina Happy girl

*Happiness* There was a time when happiness was very easy to find. With friends, Together with dear relatives, By doing good, By clearing someone’s way, By helping someone The melon came out sweet, The watermelon came out red, The mango did not leak, Ate toffee Bring samosas Eat jalebis, Water found hot in bathroom, found […]

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Canada’s new immigration For Students

Latest news Canada's new immigration for students

Canada’s new immigration Latest News: 21st  June 2020 Canada’s new immigration system is great for students with an M.Phil or MS degree from Pakistan or who want to do a PhD here. Under the new system, if a Canadian university offers you admission to a PhD, you can bring your spouse and children here with […]

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young Indian married with wooden puppet

wooden puppet marriage

young Indian married with wooden puppet Latest News: India is famous for unnatural marriage. In India, a young man married a wooden puppet at the ‘last wish’ of his 90-year-old father. The marriage took place as usual, while the bride’s relatives performed all the wedding rituals and ceremonies as usual. Indian media saying that the […]

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Listen boys 100 Qur’an messages

Teach your children Qur'an

  Listen boys teach your children Qur’an and Qur’an will teach them everything. There are many books that can inform you, but the Quran can transform you. 100 short messages of the Qur’an 1 Do not be rude in do not 2 Control your anger 3 Do good to others. 4 Don’t be arrogant. 5 […]

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Listen Boys husband advised his wife

One husband advised his wife

Listen boys One husband advised his wife at the first meeting to take care of four things The first thing is I love you soo much. That’s why I chose you as my wife. If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t bring you home through marriage. Bringing you home as a wife is proof that […]

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Welcome to my diary

Sabiha Diary

Welcome to my diary dear visitors most welcome on my dairy page. Stay blessed always. JazakALLAH! Sabiha’s Diary I believe that prayers bring color, the Lord gives. Pray. Pray. Pray for whom you will pray. The angels will also pray for you. Sabiha’s Diary As well as wearing a mask, recite the verse of Aitul-Kursi […]

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