Corona Virus Disease and Duties of Citizens

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Corona virus is a large family of viruses that are responsible for causing disease in animals and humans. Many people call the corona virus COVID-19, which is not a brief outline. As stated by the World Health Organization (WHO), Covid 19 is a recent disease caused by a corona virus and began in China in December 2019. By the end of the first week of May 2020, the disease had spread to more than 200 countries worldwide.

Infected people have a cold, cough, fever, runny nose, runny nose, pain and discomfort, while others do not show these symptoms at first, which also helps to spread the disease faster.

Since there is no cure for COVID-19, social distance is the only way to prevent the spread of the disease. All countries and state governments are focusing on how to maintain social distance and connectivity. Now, in some countries, it has been observed that many people follow the rules set by the government. And some of them don’t. This article is for all citizens who really care about their family and country.

Stay away from people:

As mentioned by the WHO, there is no vaccine or medicine available for this disease. Therefore, it is important to provide symptomatic treatment and supportive care to infected people. Possible vaccines and drugs are now being tested (until the first week of April 2020). Now the question is how to prevent infection? It is clear that maintaining distance and communication is the only way.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Citizen during Corona Virus Epidemic

Since it is clear that social distance is the only option, all governments are focusing on lockdowns and shutdowns to reduce community infection and connectivity. People should not come out of their homes for a while to avoid contact and infection. Being polite, all citizens should understand the emergency and be vigilant. Here we have some important responsibilities to fulfill.

Don’t spread rumors about statistics, drugs, patients, etc.

Avoid the misuse of social media to spread unnecessary panic

Don’t buy groceries and wholesale. Leave something for others too.

Don’t buy bulk sanitizers and second hand washing liquids. Buy the right amount for your family.

Follow the advice issued by the government.

Wear a mask if you have symptoms and stay in isolation to avoid contact.

Do not travel during lockdown or shutdown.

Avoid gatherings and meetings. Start working from home.

If you have traveled abroad or from another state, isolate yourself.

If you are going out for essential needs, wear a mask and keep people 1 meter (3 feet) apart.

In addition to these duties, you must understand that lockdown or screaming will not help the administration achieve anything. It is only to keep the citizens away from a disease for which there is no cure. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the rules and stay at home.

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Thank you doctors

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