Someone happens For us

Someone happens for us

Someone happens Sabiha Naaz’s diary. Someone happens For us somewhere But in the dust of life We can’t see way to Which we walk on Goes somewhere In a city, in a street To some door Ages pass And we are scared when the bell rings What if there was no house!       […]

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a life of 20 rupees


A photographer had a sign outside his shop. On which the following 3 writings were written. For 20 rupees, take a photo like you are. For 30 rupees, take a photo as you think. And For 50 rupees, make the photo you want to look in front of people! At the time of his death, […]

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Welcome to my diary

Sabiha Diary

Welcome to my diary dear visitors most welcome on my dairy page. Stay blessed always. JazakALLAH! Sabiha’s Diary I believe that prayers bring color, the Lord gives. Pray. Pray. Pray for whom you will pray. The angels will also pray for you. Sabiha’s Diary As well as wearing a mask, recite the verse of Aitul-Kursi […]

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