Listen boys 100 Qur’an messages

Teach your children Qur'an

  Listen boys teach your children Qur’an and Qur’an will teach them everything. There are many books that can inform you, but the Quran can transform you. 100 short messages of the Qur’an 1 Do not be rude in do not 2 Control your anger 3 Do good to others. 4 Don’t be arrogant. 5 […]

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Listen Boys husband advised his wife

One husband advised his wife

Listen boys One husband advised his wife at the first meeting to take care of four things The first thing is I love you soo much. That’s why I chose you as my wife. If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t bring you home through marriage. Bringing you home as a wife is proof that […]

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Three students of City College

A girl and three boys

Three students of City College and a girl Listen boys this is the real story must read. College’s three student boys gave the school janitor a few bucks and told him not to let any of the girls in during the holiday. The greedy janitor took the money and as soon as he left, he […]

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Listen Boys This is not understood!

Sushant Sing Rajput childhood

Listen Boys This is not understood! This is not understood And my mother didn’t explain How can i talk sweet When I didn’t eat sweets You! They also cook sweets Then why not confectionery This is not understood Nani’s husband is “Nana” Grandmother’s husband is also a “grandfather” When I asked Apa What is the […]

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Listen boys When do we lose?

When do we lose?

Listen boys When do we lose? We do not lose when we fail the tests of life. We lose when we do not succeed __! We lose when we find someone and lose them __! When we think of someone sitting at the place of prayer, then we lose __! When we don’t want to […]

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Listen Boys Will not be able to shake hands

never thought thats days will be come

Listen boys Sit with your elders for a while and you know  not everything is available on Google. I’m not used to joking too much, otherwise I would have said that today I have eaten lays worth 50Rs. Never thought That such days will also come There will be holidays Will not be able to […]

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